Kamus elektronik Inggris Indonesia Mandarin Alfalink EIC-1228CL

Kamus elektronik Inggris Indonesia Mandarin Alfalink EIC-1228CL

Kamus elektronik Inggris Indonesia Mandarin Alfalink EIC-1228CL

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9 Bi-Lingual Dictionaries, 4 Mono-Lingual Dictionaries, 43 Professional Dictionaries + Oxford Encyclopedia, 6 Other Dictionaries Total 65 Dictionaries

LCD display area: 2.8 inch 16.7M TFT LCD Color
Battery Type:Rechargeable Battery


        EIC-1228 CL FEATURES

        English-Indonesian-Chinese Speaking Dictionary

  • Text/Sentence Translation

  • 9 Bi-Lingual Dictionary

  1. The New Oxford English-Chinese Dictionary

        - Oxford Example/Oxford Phrases

        - Oxford Specialist/Oxford Encylopedia

        - Oxford Phrasal verb

        - Oxford Collocation

        - Oxford English Dictionary

    2.    English-Indonesian Dictionary (Licensed by Peter Salim)

    3.    Indonesian-English Dictionary (Licensed by Peter Salim)

    4.    English-Indonesian Idiom Dictionary

    5.    English-Indonesian Slang Dictionary

    6.    Comet Chinese-Indonesian Dictionary

    7.    Comet Indonesian-Chinese Dictionary

    8.    Comet Advance English-Chinese Dictionary

    9.    Comet Advance Chinese-English Dictionary

  • 4 Mono-Lingual Dictionary

  1. The New Oxford American Dictionary (Eng-Eng)

  2. Indonesian-Indonesian Dictionary

  3. Comet Chinese Dictionary

  4. Chinese Idiom Dictionary

  •  43 Professional Dictionary

English/Indonesian: Accounting, Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Computer, Engineering, Law, Management, Medical, Physics, Psychology, Trading

English/Chinese: Atom, Agriculture, Architecture, Architectonics, Biology, Chemistry, Commerce, Computer, Electrical Engineering, Electronic, Finance, Finance Economy, Fire Control, Geology, Geography, Import & Export, Informatics, Law, Light Industry, Management, Mathematics, Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, Medical, Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Oceanography, Petroleum, Physics, Psychology, Sports Dictionary

Classified Dictionary English/Indonesia/Chinese

  • Holy Quran / Holy Bible

  • Learning Course

        English Animation (10 text books)

        Chinese Animation (10 text books)

        Foreigner Learning Chinese(10 text)

        16 Languages 3,300 Inter-translate Sentences

        16 Languages 28,000 Inter-translate Words       

        Classified Picture Dictionary (English/Indonesian/Chinese)

        Chinese (Illustration & Text)

        Science Formula Math/Phys/Chem. (Eng-Chi)

        Science Formula Math/Phys/Chem. (Ind-Ind)

        English Synonym/Antonym Dictionary

        English Inflection Dictionary

        Oxford Example    - Oxford Phrases

                                     - Oxford Phrasal Verb

        Chinese Classify Dictionary

        Comet English/Chinese/Indonesian 3,500 Phrases

        Book Dictionary

        Sport Dictionary English/Chinese

        Sport Conversation English/Chinese

        Wise Dictionary

        Voice Learning Recording

        Test & Vocabulary: TOEFL and GRE

        High School Vocabulary

        Vocabulary Recite

        Comparison List of Chinese useful words in China/Taiwan/Hong Kong

  •  PIM

        User Dictionary

        Favorite List

        History List

        PDA - Scheduler/Anniversary/Name Card

        Scientific Calculator

        Conversion - Currency/Metric/Size


        Geography Information

  •  Multimedia


        Album (BMP.JPEG.PNG format)

        MP3 (WMA.ACC.AMR.WAV.MIDI format)

        MP4 (AVI.AKV.3GP format)


  • Interface

        English/Indonesian/Chinese Interface

        Cross search Between Dictionaries

        Traditional and Simplify Chinese

        4 Simplify Chinese Input Methods : Pin Yin, Simplify Total Strokes, Wubi, Bushou

        3 Traditional Chinese Input Methods : Zhuyin, Cangjie, Traditional Total Strokes

        Touchscreen & Handwriting Recognition :

        English, Traditional & Simplify Chinese

  • Specification

        2.8” 16.7M color TFT LCD, Touch Screen

        MP3 Voice quality

        SD Card Compatible, Text File Reader

        Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery 1150mAh

        1 x 110V/220V/240V Universal Charger

        1 x USB cable (high speed USB 2.0)

        Ear phone

        Carrying Bag

        Size :135 x 17 x 82mm (Close)

                135 x 17 x 174mm (Open)


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