CCTV Recorder 4 Channel JDR913. Perekam 4 camera CCTV sekaligus

CCTV Recorder 4 Channel JDR913. Perekam 4 camera CCTV sekaligus

CCTV Recorder 4 Channel JDR913. Perekam 4 camera CCTV sekaligus

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Alat untuk merekam 4 buah kamera CCTV sekaligus. Dilengkapi dengan layar TV 1,5 inch sehingga praktis digunakan untuk memeriksa sinyal CCTV yang akan direkam tanpa perlu repot memasang pesawat televisi. Dilengkapi dengan motion detection dimana alat perekam baru akan aktif merekam jika mendeteksi adanya gerakan sehingga menghemat media penyimpanan. Harga sudah termasuk harddisk 160GB. Berat pengiriman 8 KG

Berikut ini spesifikasi lengkap dari pabrik pembuatnya dalam bahasa inggris

Four Channel Embedded Digital Video Recorder
Main feature:
JDR-913,4 CH Digital Multiplex recorder
which uses digital technology to manage video image in HDD
Compression Format:Modified MJPEG
It includes features such as timer setting for searching
Four recording quality, fast / slow forward
reverse search and user-friendly operations
Support USB port for connecting PC, monitoring and backup, no need to take out the hard disk.
The machine has monitor (1.5” TFT, high resolution and color screen, also can detect at any time) can carry with conveniently.
Support motion-detection; alarm function
Multi –level signal output(BNC,S-VCD,USB)
Wonderful Embedded RTOS design, completely depart from computer screen to control, avoiding computer paralyze after infect virus, can be used easily and stable
Real time record, 25 frames / second PAL; 30 frames / seconds NTSC
1ch; 2chs; 3chs or 4 channels can record and display at the same time, channel is adjustable
The image quality of record and display can be adjustable base on different request
Independent in dish hardware design system supports 200G IDE super hardware, more easy to save data.
System can save password, can not modify the record messages of hardware without password, so that the security system and record information will be safe
Display 1 or 4 real time image, equip with alarm input connecter, make the monitor most perfectly
If power failure it can auto-protect itself and will auto-start when the power come


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